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Cannon Park out of School Club- Coventry
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30 Hours Free Childcare
​Are you eligible?

​​Parents  need to be working and earning the equivalent of 16 hours per week at the national living/miminum wage. Appoximently £120 per week.​​
​​Self -employed parents or parents on a zero hours contract may still be eligible if the earnings threshold is met. Newly self-employed dont need to prove that they meet the crtitia for 12 months.
Parents not in paid employement will not be eligible for 30 hours funding. Exceptions may apply to parents on parental , maternity, paternity, adoption or sick leave. Students will not be eligible unless their studies are combined with paid work which meets the earnings threshold.
Parents in receipt of care benifits or disablity will be eligible, so long as the other parent is working and meets the threshold. Single parents who are disabled or have care responsibilties will not  be eligible.
For parents who are seperated, the eligibilty requirment will apply to the parent who the child lives with.
Parents not in paid employment will NOT be eligible for 30 hours funding, but still eligible for 15 hours.


​​ STEP 1 ​​
To check your eligibilty for the 30 hours childcare offer, you will need to use the goverment childcare service
​​ STEP 2
​Once you have your Goverment Gateway account, you can log in and check your eligiblity for the 30 hours. If your eligible you will be issues a unique 11 digit code. You can now register your child at one of our childcare settings
​Your chosen childcare setting will need your unique 11 digit code and will verify the code with the local authority. As soon as the code is verified the chosen childcare setting will be able to provide you with their availabilty.